To Be Home. A found poem.

You made me a neighborhood not far from here,
where the people whispered Atticus Finch—whose story
is not yet written—almost word for word.

You made me a neighborhood, a remarkable,
beautiful gift, not far from here, where under the strangest
circumstances, the people lived and breathed

that faith written in living rooms and in schools; at farms
and on factory floors. The future, the ultimate arbiter
of what’s true and what’s right, should be ours.

Those anxious, jealous guardians found grace
in a neighborhood not far from here.
And it was on these streets where I witnessed the power of

faith. What a radical idea. Curious and hopeful and worthy of love.

Source: Obama, Barack. "Farewell Address." McCormick Place, Chicago, Illinois. 10 January 2017.